Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Entry # 12

Let me start by saying I cannot believe the semester is coming to an end! It seems like just yesterday, we were starting the class and learning how to set up our blogs and now its already ending! That always seems to be the case in college courses, once I receive the syllabus the end of the semester seems to far away...but it sneaks right up on me every time!! I have learned so much during this semester that I never thought I would. As stated in the syllabus the following are the student learning outcomes we were supposed to achieve by the end of the semester. I will be responding to each of the learning outcomes below:
Student Learning Outcomes
Students will gain knowledge and competency with regards to:
1. The variety of genres that readers and writers use to communicate 

Through the presentations I was able to learn more about the variety of genres that are used to communicate. Also through my genre pieces project I was encouraged to use different genres than what I am always drawn to using. By looking at my classmates blogs I was able to learn how they express themselves through different genres of writing. 

2.The role of purpose and audience in writing and reading and the rhetorical voices used to address the desired purpose(s) and audience(s)

The voice of my writing was never something I thought about when it came to my writing, this was something that was very difficult for me to think about. I was challenged while writing my genre pieces project, changing my voice and my purpose for each of my pieces proved a lot harder than I thought it would be. I also began to realize that writing a blog and finding a voice behind it more difficult than I had originally thought it would be. I didn’t want to lose sight of who I am as a writing but  I also did not want to become too informal. 

3. The historical and contemporary theoretical models of reading and writing, including new literacy theories of reading and writing

In my other courses, we have discussed the importance of looking at the new literacies and seeing how they are effecting the education of reading and writing. I have learned about the major affect that technology has had on the literacy of our students today. Using blogs was a first hand example of how new literacies are taking over the education of today’s society. I have really learned so much through writing this blog. 

4.The relationship between the writing and reading processes

The writing and reading processes are a lot more similar than I ever realized them to be. I was unaware of their relationship before this course put this into perspective for me. By reading the chapters in Tompkins (2012) and then responding to the chapters via blog it really helped open my eyes to the processes of writing and reading. 

5. The role of metacognition in writing proficiency and reading comprehension

By using the writing and reading process while writing the blog it has helped the writing process work more proficiently for me causing me to somedays just sit and write without distractions. It has also helped me to view my reading of materials different, it has helped me read for a purpose which has helped my reading comprehension.

6. The types of reading and writing assignments that are developmentally appropriate for learners, including digital reading and writing assignments

I have learned a number of different developmentally appropriate assignments for students to use through my classmates presentations of their genres as well as through their blog posts!

7. The role of writing assessment and evaluation in determining student writing proficiency and reading comprehension.

I have learned a number of different ways to evaluate students to help them with their comprehension. I have learned that the use of rubrics are very helpful for students and they respond well to them. I have also learned that through blogs and wikis assessment could be given to the students more immediately which is helpful for older students. 

Is there anything else you learned that is not represented in the identified Learning Outcomes for this course?
I have learned that scaffolding and modeling are very important to students both young and old. By showing them how and why they are doing something the students will be more likely to be willing to try the activity the teacher wants her students to try. I know that throughout this course I was taught many different things that I had never been exposed to all dealing with technology. Without modeling I know that I would have had a much more difficult time completing some of the assignments. 

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  1. Jaimie, this is most impressive. I really appreciate how you took the time (organized your entry) to clearly speak to each of the learning objectives.